University of Sulaimani Staff Participate in Erasmus Exchange Program At University of Almería- Spain

Post date: Nov 8, 2016 9:11:18 AM

Dr. Dara Faeq Hamamin, Faculty member at Department of Geology, School of Science in University of Sulaimani has successfully participated in Erasmus Mundus MARHABA-academic staff exchange program at University of Almería, Spain from 22/09/2016 to 22/10/2016.

During the academic staff exchange program, Dr. Dara was introduced to the university facilities and established communications with other professors at the departments of Biology and Geology in University of Almería (UAL). He also had a chance to meet some other professor who came outside the UAL and joined them for a geological field work explaining the geological and tectonic situations of the area, as well as clarifying the cropping plant technique they follow.

During the last two weeks of the exchange program, Dr. Dara presented 5 seminars at higher education hall for the staff and post graduate students on the following topics:

· New technique in assessing soil and groundwater pollution from hydrocarbon activities, Bazian Oil Refinery as an example.

· Hydrogeological and Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment of Basara basin, Iraq.

· Brief description about Kurdistan, Sulaimani University and Geology Department.

· Hazard and Risk intensity mapping for karstic fissured and inter-granular aquifers, Sulaimani sub-basin as an example.

· Hydrodynamic study of karstic and inter-granular aquifers using isotope geochemistry in Basara basin.

The audience actively participated in discussions with Dr. Dara after the completion of each seminar.

Dr Dara thanks Erasmus Mundus MARHABA for the opportunity and believes that such kind of activities would benefit the departments in both the host and the home Universities, as well as himself. This visiting program reflects on Dr Dara's career and the direction of his work, physical and mental renewal, and exposure to a different culture.

The program also opened doors for exploring the possibility of Joint research projects, joint research student supervision and joint publications.