U.S.-Iraqi Higher Education Partnerships Announcement

Post date: Oct 26, 2015 9:56:23 AM

Application for 2016 SMALL GRANTS is now open


Supported by the U.S. Embassy, Baghdad

The US-Iraq Higher Education Partnerships (HEP) promotes higher education reform in Iraq. Through the HEP, Iraqi universities become more engaged within the global community and catalyze social, political, and economic development in Iraq. Through capacity building activities within the HEP, Iraqi faculty become better equipped to conduct ongoing curriculum review while raising the standard of their curriculum to model internationally recognized accreditation standards.

Applicants are invited to develop a project that will be completed within 6-12 months. Applicants can request from $5,000 to $50,000 for the project. Grants receiving higher amounts of funding must show broad impact to multiple beneficiaries. IREX reserves the right to suggest alterations to an applicant’s budget or to fund some, but not all, components of an application.

Possible areas for collaboration for this grant could include:

• Focused capacity building in faculty instructional strategies in a specific academic department

• Review and update the curriculum for a specific degree program

• University Administration

• Industry Engagement

• Collaborative research projects, particularly in STEM fields;

• Capacity building in English language teaching and learning;

• Establishment of distance learning programs;

• Development of information systems to establish digital record keeping;

• Modernization of libraries and publication resources;

• Development of career advisory services on campuses;

• Counseling and intervention services on campuses for victims of violence and other psychological distress;

• Initiatives to promote tolerance and peaceful activities on campuses;

• Activities to build youth-based approaches to countering violent extremism


Applicants must hold a full-time position as a faculty or administrator at one of the eligible public universities in Iraq. Previous ULP Small Grants recipients are eligible to apply, but priority will be given to applicants who have not previously participated in the ULP.


Read all instruction and information carefully before filling out the application form. All forms must be completed in English and must be typed. All selections of the application must be completed; incomplete applications will not be accepted. You should submit an electronic copy of the application to IREX/Washington by sending an e-mail and all attachments to [email protected] by Sunday November 22, 2015. Letters from university presidents/vice chancellors must also be submitted electronically.

For application form and more information please email:

[email protected]

For more advice on filling the form please participate in the webinars below.

Applicants are invited to participate in online application support services offered by IREX. Dr. Gary Gaffield, Retired Assistant Provost for Internationalization from the University of Kentucky, will answer questions in online office hours on Moodle and provide coaching to applicants about the application process and how to create a strong proposal. Furthermore, applicants are welcome to receive feedback on their draft proposals if they submit them on Moodle by November 15th. For all of these opportunities, please find the tentative schedule below.

Nov. 5 - Moodle Coaching (4pm Iraq time)

Nov. 10th - Moodle Coaching (4pm Iraq time)

Nov. 12th - Webinar (4:30pm Iraq time) (using GoToWebinar)

Nov. 16th - Moodle Coaching (4pm Iraq time)

Nov. 19th - Moodle Coaching (4pm Iraq time)

In order to participate in the online Moodle office hours, you must be enrolled in the IREX Moodle course. If you are not enrolled in the IREX Moodle website and would like to participate, please email

[email protected]

Please use the link below to register for the GoToWebinar session if you would like to take part. You will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


Directorate of International Academic Relations