Mevlana Exchange Programme Application for 2017/2018

Post date: Feb 16, 2017 6:26:39 AM


Applications for Mevlana Exchange Program for 2017-2018 academic year is now OPEN.

The programme schedule has been announced by Turkish Higher Education Council.


Ø Being a registered student of Master or PhD Degree.

Ø For MA and Phd students the minimum GPA:3 out of 4,0 or 76.66 out of 100

Ø The students have to take an English exam if the education language is not English

Ø During the evaluation, 50% of GPA and 50% of language scores are taken into account and students are ranked using cumulative value of these two factors.

Ø The incoming students to Turkey will get a grant per month for a period of four months but the amount of grant is not cleared yet.


Ø Application Form.

Ø Transcript (Certificates)


Ø In the scope of mobility, academic activities of academic staff cannot be less than total six hours weekly. If course hours do not complete six hours, academic activities like seminars, panels or conferences are evaluated in this context.

Ø Academic staff mobility could be minimum 2 weeks and maximum 3 months.

Ø The fee to be paid for daily expenses and transportation fee to be paid to academic staff is not cleared yet.


Ø Academic Staff Mobility Programme Form

Ø Academic Staff Information Form

Ø Curriculum Vitae (Including the publications, presentations, projects, courses offered before internationally)

MA and PhD students and staff exchange will take place at Dicle University in Turkey next academic year

To request application forms, send an email to:

[email protected]

Application Deadline:

Completed application forms and other required documents mentioned above must be returned to Directorate of International Academic Relations & Media in the Presidency of University of Sulaimani by 01/03/2017 the latest.