German-Iraqi Academic Partnerships: Programme in 2016

Post date: Aug 3, 2015 10:00:23 AM

Application for the new round of DAAD funding for partnerships between German and Iraqi higher education institutions is now open.

The central aim of the programme funded by the German Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt) is to support development of the higher education landscape in Iraq. The German-Iraqi academic partnerships are to help in the formation of sustainable structures at the partner universities. The measures should focus on improving and developing teaching in the partner country, and the funding offered should serve to explore and establish cooperations.

Preliminary contact should be made in the form of meetings between the German and Iraqi sides, and the possibilities of developing joint projects sounded out.

Besides this central aim, the following aims are pursued:

• To establish further networks between German and Iraqi higher education


• To (jointly) develop a roadmap for the (further) qualification of Iraqi higher education institutions in terms of teaching, research, services, and university management if these help to improve the teaching situation;

• To explore the possibilities of sustainably modernising higher education in Iraq (e.g. by comparing curricula and quality assurance procedures at the participating higher education institutions) and linking teaching and research;

• To identify measures to improve the decision-making structures at higher education institutions;

• To contribute to social development and the formation of a knowledge society in Iraq.

Programme applicants should indicate measurable project aims based on the points mentioned above.

Applications must be completed in full and submitted by the deadline stipulated exclusively via the DAAD portal (

The official programme name in the portal is: “German-Iraqi Academic Partnerships:

Programme in 2016”

Applications can be submitted by higher education teaching staff (generally holding a professorship), who have registered as a project leader in the DAAD portal.

The following must be submitted with the application:

• Application cover sheet (available in the online portal)

• Financing plan (available in the online portal) as a detailed calculation

of costs for the measures planned, including clearly comprehensible detailed calculations. The DAAD funding rates apply.

• A detailed, concrete project description of up to five (5) pages in length providing a detailed work and measures plan (incl. a tabular time plan) for the planned project funding period and indicating the timings, concrete aim, target intermediate aims and duration of all the measures planned.

• Proof of contact with one or more Iraqi academic partner(s) (name of the cooperation partner, copies of correspondence, etc.)

• Endorsement of the project application by the higher education teaching institution management.

The anticipated funding start is 01.01.16.

A funding agreement is concluded between the DAAD and the supporting German higher education or research institution within the scope of full financing.

Funding approval is subject to the availability of sufficient budgetary resources.

Applications can be submitted online up until 30.09.15. Applications received after this date cannot be considered.

Further details can be found in the attached file or on: