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International Relations at University of Sulaimani

The Directorate of Foreign Relations at University of Sulaimani provides assistance to current students studying at Universities abroad, prospective students willing to study at Universities abroad, international students intending to study undergraduate or postgraduate studies at University of Sulaimani, and arrange for academic and student exchange as well as all arranging for delegations visits and University collaborations.

With over 20,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students, 10 Faculties and Colleges and 18 Schools, University of Sulaimani offers a multidisciplinary curriculum which covers all the fields of studying from Medical Sciences to Applied Sciences, Agriculture, Engineering, Law, Commerce, Physical and Basic Education, Political Sciences, Languages and Humanities and Administration.

The University of Sulaimani is the first University in Kurdistan Region of Iraq and it's considered as the mother of all other Universities in Kurdistan Region which led to establishment of many University in the Kurdistan Region and provided academic professionals for them; and University of Sulaimani has a new modern campus with a large research center equipped with the latest technologies which is recognized as the largest and most advanced University campus in the region.

One of the missions of the Directorate is to complement and enhance the activities of our University by organizing joint conferences, workshops and seminars, arranging for guest speakers and scholars to visit our University, and coordinating research activities.

Dr. Karzan Ghafur Khidhir is the director of the Foreign Relations at University of Sulaimani, with a dynamic team of experts, we are managing the mobility ofstudents and staff (incoming and outgoing) through a wide range of initiatives including those within Human Capacity Development Program (HCDP) funded by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Kurdistan Regional Government, the Higher Committee of Education Development in Iraq (HCED) which is funded by the Iraqi Government, European scholarships under Erasmus or other European Government or universities scholarships, US scholarships offered to students and staff in the form of Fulbright or other funds to enable students to do undergraduate or postgraduate studies and training courses for staff development, as well as other national or international scholarships.

The Directorate of Foreign Relations at University of Sulaimani also arrange, develop and manage relationships, twining and collaborations with a range of other Universities around the world and prepare MOU to be signed by the presidents of the collaborating Universities in order to cooperate and collaborate with each other in scientific and academic areas such as exchanging students and staff, organizing joint conferences and workshops, having joint PhD students within our split-site PhD program, exchanging postdoctoral fellows and other research collaborations. We currently have signed MOUs with many Universities around the world.

Our directorate also in charge of arranging for delegations from University of Sulaimani to visit other Universities and Vice versa, providing Visa application support letters and Invitation letters.

The Directorate of Foreign Relations is working closely with the University President and the Vice President for Scientific Affairs and other University support services in order to deliver the University’s international activity.
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Our duties

Augmented Reality (1)
Provides assistance to current students studying at Universities abroad.
Hand Shake
Arrange for staff and student exchange; prepare learning agreements and other mobility documents.
Teamwork (2)
Organization and coordination of delegations visits.
Coordinating international partnerships, conferences, symposia and workshops.
Worldwide (4)
Coordinate international projects such as Erasmus + of European Union, DAAD and other bilateral programs.
Organize signing of MOU, Cotutelle, other inter-institutional agreements.
Visa support for outgoing staff and students.
Passport (1)
Visa support and invitation letter issuance for visiting professors and students.
Facilitate sending samples of postgraduate students abroad for analysis.
Top Three
Contribute in university ranking: improve visibility through publishing activities in English language.
Development of international cooperation including new partnerships with foreign universities.
Verification of Transcripts and university documents with Int. agencies.